All the reasons you'll be a better online coach with Fitspace Pro


Your bread and butter for online coaching. Schedule check-ins for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cadence. Your clients get an email with a link on the schedule. Clients aren't required to have a login. You can also customize which fields you want them to fill out.

Are you new to coaching?

These regular scheduled check-ins are where clients send in their weight, measurements and often pictures to track their progress with you.


Online coaching requires good communication skills. Good communication requires good tools. Email is a terrible yet universal tool. Does this sound familiar...

I always lose track of what I told a client. I can't find the email thread where we discussed it, or which check-in it was related to. I end up clicking through email after email to try and find our conversation history. It's a real pain.

Fitspace layers ontop of email for it's universal access, but unifies conversations across check-ins so you can always find what you're looking for.

No-log-in Access

Lowest friction possible.

Client compliance is HARD to tackle.

Requiring yet another email+password login they'll forget adds friction.

We understand both as clients and as coaches that every bit of friction for clients is difficult. Clients can start checking in with you without requiring login credentials.

They can of course do this later to be able to access their client-portal and see their own progress.

Custom fields

Every coach works differently. That's why we built Fitspace Pro to let you track what matters to you and your style.

Want to track weight? Or not? That's great. Whatever data or metrics you've found the most success with are the metrics you can track perfectly in Fitspace Pro.

Inches, pounds, minutes, centimeters, notes, text, generic numbers, short notes, long notes, pictures, whatever you want, you can track it.


Custom fields is a really nice feature, but manually creating a new check-in form and all the fields for every single client gets old fast.

You can save time, by creating template check-ins which is a group of questions you can set for a client.

Setting up a client with a template takes seconds instead of minutes.


Everyone forgets. Even the best clients forget to check-in.

When each client gets an email to check-in each week, it helps the follow-through on check-ins making sure clients get checked in.

It's not 100% flake-proof, but it helps a ton.


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